Cable Locating

Cable Locating — Underground Cable in Howard Springs, NT
The safest and most precise method of cable location is through electronic detection. At Austar Underground services, we use RD8000 Marker Locator to accurately locate all metallic pipes and cables below the surface. We use a transmitter to induce a signal into the pipe or cable and receive the signal back using the receiver/wand. This can be completed by direct connection, clamping around a cable or inducing a signal into a cable, by placing the transmitter directly above the cable at surface level.

We use a number of different frequencies, depending on the level of congestion of the work area, E.g. a high level of underground cables. We also have a range of sonds/beacons, which is also a very accurate of means in high interference areas. When attached to a fibreglass rodder/snake and pushing up a pipe, it will give you accurate location and depth above the sond. This can also help to find blockages/damaged or buried pits.